My awesome day in a limo!

“Cool car”… This phrase can have a lot of meanings. Some love old automobiles, as they think they had the soul modern vehicles lack. Others prefer sports cars that are built from the materials used for space ship construction, as they love high speeds. Another person may say that American muscle car from the 70s is the coolest machine possible, because its engine sounds like a roar of a prehistoric beast. I personally think that the coolest car you can get into is a limo. I love the comfort they give and a feeling of accomplishment you have when you sit in one, with a drink in one hand, cigar in the other and a polite, experienced driver behind the wheel welcomes you with a smile. Of course, I can’t afford to have my own limo, but my friend had a great idea once and till this day I thank him every time I see him.

He said “Let’s hire a limo and go to Manchester!” I thought he lost his mind – limo hire from the suburbs to Manchester city centre has to be idiotically expensive. He said he has found some companies that offer limo for hire for a fair price. So we chose one, got two other friends to chip in and gone to the city. And we felt like rockstars, executives or some other VIPs that came to town to party. Now we have the same tradition every year – we hire a limo and choose our destination.

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It’s awesome and I wanted to share this with you all!