Mercedes-Maybach Goes Now Convertible

Whenever a $337,000 Rolls-Royce Beginning drop-top isn’t quite exclusive enough, I give the new, $320,000 Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet.

How exclusive? Well, just 300 is going to be designed for worldwide consumption, having a mere 75 determined to understand to the Land from the Free.

Whether it kinda looks familiar, what you’re seeing here’s one very gussied-up Mercedes AMG S65 Cabriolet – list cost around $250,000 – with sufficient jewelry to possess made the late, great Liberace swoon.

Yes, it’s magnificent inside a kitschy kinda way, mainly in the retina-searing Zircon Red paintwork from the vehicle we show here. Browse the Swarovski very headlights, individuals massive 20-inch saw-tooth forged alloys, the lashings of chromium stripping. And Maybach badges in abundance.

Bodily changes to warrant the Maybach differentiation are disappointingly couple of. In advance, there is a new bumper having a lower section apparently full of black-colored chain-link fencing from the Hoboken junkyard. And that’s about this.

Thankfully, the inside continues to be reworked to part-justify the improved sticker. The quilted, perforated and contrast-piped leather that adorns the front and back seating is certainly not under spectacular. The wood veneer that flows round the dash and in to the doorways is really a masterpiece in craftsmanship.

And merely in situation you, or perhaps your passengers forget what you’re driving, you will find Maybach logos embossed within the seat backs, being worn by the mind restraints, around the controls, around the rear a/c vent panel, around the polished door tread plates.

And, come night time, whenever you open among the Merc’s massive barn doorways, naturally a Maybach emblem is forecasted to the floor beneath.

Will the word ‘overkill’ spring to mind?

Pop a corner there, like gifts on Christmas morning, is some exquisite, exclusive leather a suitcase set constructed from exactly the same leather as the Maybach’s interior. The set comprises a few large travel bags and 2 ‘lifestyle – as with gym – bags. There is also a vital ring made of the identical fancy nappa leather.

maybach-8Other high-zoot baubles incorporate a vehicle cover made from high-finish gemstone-quilted fabric that suits the colour of the car’s soft-top, adorned, naturally, using the all-important Maybach emblem.

Robotically, the Maybach S650 utilizes all of the weaponry of their AMG S65 brother or sister. Which means it features exactly the same AMG-tuned 6.-liter twin-turbo V12 that cranks out 621 horseys as well as an insane 738 lb-foot of torque.

Pedal towards the metal – if you think like doing so – and 60mph can look from dead stop in only 4. seconds. Top speed? A hair-raising, literally, 155mph.

Mercedes makes an issue over the truth that this Maybach drop-top are only offered in three color treatments – Zircon Red having a porcelain/black interior, Cote d’Azur Blue with porcelain/saddle and, my personal favorite, the maritime Gemstone White-colored with porcelain/yacht blue.

My question, however, is when you’re paying a non-trivial $330-grand, wouldn’t you anticipate so that you can pick any color combination you desired? What went down towards the word ‘bespoke’ here?

That is most likely why I’d choose the regal new Rolls-Royce Beginning any day and take my select from 44,000 paint colors.