How you can sell a vehicle

Obtain the best cost for the vehicle with this help guide to selling. We explain part exchange, classifieds, auctions and vehicle-buying services.

Whether you’re buying and selling as much as something newer, scaling lower to something smaller sized, or you’ve had a general change in lifestyle and transport needs, sooner or later you’re likely to sell a vehicle vehicle. Generally you’ll wish to improve your return around the vehicle because you will be while using money to assist buy its substitute, however, you may only desire to get rid of it as being rapidly and easily as you possibly can. In either case, you will find an growing a few different methods to sell a vehicle – and numerous things you can do to actually obtain the best cost for this. Unsure what vehicle to purchase next?

See which we advise by considering good Buys. Before you begin drafting up an advertisement, or strike the offer in your next vehicle, there’s a couple of points to consider:

1. Just how much is the vehicle worth? Before you decide to accept any kind-exchange deal or place your vehicle up for purchase, possess a obvious concept of its value. Look for similar models marketed for purchase online, make use of an online valuation tool, and assess your car’s condition and mileage realistically.

2. Gather your car’s documents Make certain you’ve all of the relevant documentation to hands: which means V5C (logbook), current and MOT certificates, its service book, manual, and then any significant invoices and receipts for work done or parts purchased. Also make sure you can be any outstanding loans happen to be compensated off which the vehicle is up to you to market.

3. Find all of the keys and accessories Collect together all of the keys for the vehicle, including (for those who have locking wheel nuts) the special socket-style tool for unlocking alloy wheels. Also re-fit any parts or accessories you may have removed, like a parcel shelf for that boot or perhaps a tool package.

4. Tidy up In case your vehicle is comparatively new and-value, it might be worth purchasing getting minor bodywork damage and paintwork scrapes repaired, or renovating scuffed alloy wheels. At the minimum, provide a great clean inside and outside, having to pay special focus on the various components a person is probably to determine, like the dashboard, controls, seats, carpets and home windows.

5. The position If you’re honest regarding your vehicle and answer all queries truthfully, your purchase ought to be straightforward along with a buyer may have little legal comeback if the vehicle later develop problems.


Part exchanging while selling a car

In case your vehicle is just a couple of years of age, or maybe you’re buying another vehicle in the same manufacturer, then part exchanging it might be the very best and simplest option. Franchised dealers are often keen to defend myself against good-quality second-hands cars for his or her forecourts, but might prefer models in the same brands it sells new. Independent dealers will often undertake just about any good shape vehicle partly exchange. If you opt to part exchange, you need to concentrate on the ‘price to change’ – this is actually the distinction between the part exchange offer in your old vehicle and also the cost from the brand new one, as opposed to the individual cost of either. A dealer may offset a price reduction in your new vehicle against an undesirable importance of your old one, for instance – or offer an excellent cost in your old someone to tempt you into purchasing the new vehicle at near to list cost (the cost proven within the sales brochure). Keep in mind that many dealers is going to be searching to create a margin on any second-hands vehicle they undertake, therefore the part ex cost rarely is in up to the cost you’d receive from selling independently – however, it’s unquestionably far easier.

Online part exchanges

If you are buying your brand-new vehicle with an online broker or agent, they might provide a part-exchange facility too: usually, you’ll be likely to develop a form detailing the car’s condition, mileage and repair history, as well as an offer is going to be made. This rarely is in very generous as the old vehicle only will be delivered to auction.

Supplying a dealer

In case your vehicle is comparatively new, low-mileage along with a model very popular second-hands, or maybe it’s particular specialist or niche appeal, a dealer (franchised or independent) specialising for the reason that marque or kind of vehicle may want to consider purchasing it outright. Well cared-for mainstream vehicles will also be valued by small local traders, particularly if it’s a vehicle they are fully aware they are able to sell on again rapidly. This is usually a fast and simple method to sell, otherwise probably the most lucrative.

Private classifieds

Traditional classifieds – now online plus magazines and newspapers, obviously – remain a well known method to sell used cars for sale. For sports, performance or classic cars, for instance, consider advertising inside a specialist magazine or on the related website for any low-value older vehicle, among the free-ad websites (such Gumtree) or local free papers can be a better bet.

Make certain your advert describes the vehicle precisely and provides all of the information you need: specific model and specs, age, mileage, period of MOT, service history. Avoid unnecessary waffle, but place in any appealing information for example ‘only one owner’, ‘recent cam belt change’ or ‘new tyres’, if relevant. Offer a wide selection of decent quality photographs, including interior shots.

Be ready for individuals who neglect to show up, time-wasters, and aggressive hagglers. Make certain that buyers are insured for test-driving and also have a valid driving licence. Most significantly, be skeptical of crooks: be cautious supplying your individual information online, don’t leave individuals your vehicle alone using the keys or documents, and become conscious of your personal safety and security whatsoever occasions.

Top tip: When taking payment inside a private purchase, create two receipts for just about any deposit or payment made, signed on your own and also the buyer, such as the car’s make, model and number plate, agreed cost and just how the cash was received. Write lower your and also the buyer’s full addresses and names, with time and date. Be alert for forged banknotes a banker’s draft is much more secure, but tend to take two days or even more to obvious and forgeries occur. Don’t give the keys before the money is securely inside your account.