BMW i8 plug-in Roadster 2018

BMW is going to unveil its new roadster form of its BMW i8 plug-in hybrid now it released new teaser pictures of the automobile and preliminary energy consumption figures.

Once we formerly reported, as the i8 belongs to the German’s automaker ‘BMW i’ brand, so it presents since it’s electric brand, the automobile is much more aligned using the company’s ‘eDrive’ plug-in hybrid vehicles.

For that 2018 Roadster version, the automaker now refers back to the powertrain like a BMW eDrive

“BMW i8 Roadster plug-in hybrid BMW eDrive: energy consumption (combined): 15,4 kWh/100 km. Fuel consumption (combined): 2, l/100 km, CO2 emissions (combined): 45 g/km.”

After releasing the very first teasers for that new vehicle recently, BMW has released new pictures of the 2018 BMW i8 Roadster today:

While the organization has yet to verify the specs for that latest version from the vehicle, fans from the BMW i8 are wishing that it’ll feature an up-to-date powertrain – likely with a brand new battery power leveraging the current upgrades produced in the all-electric BMW i3.

There has been some rumors of BMW getting an exciting-electric powertrain towards the i8, however it doesn’t seem like it will likely be for that 2018 version.

The automobile was initially presented like a performance electric vehicle, however it was in lots of ways outshined by Tesla’s Model S although the latter is an even bigger family sedan.

It will likely be interesting to find out if BMW can have the ability to match a few of the performance with this particular latest version from the vehicle.

They likewise have a brand new video from the vehicle on the highway:

Recently, BMW announced a brand new vehicle architecture to allow ‘electrification of each and every model series’, beginning with all of-electric Small. The German automaker clarified its arrange for electric vehicles, which will begin to increase in 2019, states the organization.


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