Another limo ride!

Once again, I’ve used the Internet to find some interesting limo hire offers, because my previous experience was simply awesome. This time I’ve took three of my friends and we all chipped in for a ride in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, the proud product of the British moto industry. And it was truly, and I mean TRULY great. We’ve decided to hire a limo that will take us to Cheshire and back with some stops on the way. Surprisingly, the chauffeur that was driving our car was not some stuck-up buffoon who wished to be somewhere else – he was a really nice middle-aged guy who wasn’t bothered by the fact he has to drive around with not his usual clientele (VIPs) but with a bunch of yuppies.

We were nice to him and he was nice to us. It made our trip even better and at the end we shook hands. I’ll probably use the limo hire services of that company once again. The car was splendid, by the way. If you have time, search for some pics online – you should especially take a closer look at the interior of the Phantom, it’s really unique.